BEGTSE coral mask Mongolia



N 772



Coral Mask of Begtse
Papier-mâché, coral, metal, fabric
C2006.41.1 (HAR 65692)


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This  dance mask of the  protector of the world Begtse (Mongolian: Jamsaran) follows typical proportions and ritual conventions.

Despite their difference in religion, culture, and age, many details of this mask can be compared with those of the Nepalese Bhairava mask , particularly the general facial proportions, the rendering and placement of the facial hair, and the skulls used in the crown.

Coral masks of Begtse are  unique to Mongolia, though less than ten original of them are known to still exist.

Begtse gained importance in that region as protector of the Bogda Gegeens, the leaders of Mongolian Buddhism.

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