Gosainkunda Full Moon Festival Shamanism Janai Purnima pilgrimage



Full Moon Festival & Shamanism

one of Nepal’s most famous religious places of pilgrimage is Gosainkunda lake situated at an altitude of about 4312 m.

Surrounded by high mountains on the north and east, this lake is grand and picturesque.

Every year during Janai Purnima in August, thousands of Hindu pilgrims come here for pilgrimage and it is quite a sight.

The large rock in the center of the lake is said to be the remains of a Shiva shrine and it is also claimed that channel carries water from the lake directly to the tank at the Kumbheshwar Temple in Patan, 60 km to the south.

Shamans (“Dhami”) come from all over Nepal arrive to the lake and on full moon night.

There is much dancing and singing.

This day is considered holy by the shamans whereby apprentices or “Jhankris” graduate into full shamans.

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Photo credit

Rita Shukla