Tribal Arts of Gujarat Kukanas masks



The film tracks the journey of



a tribal community engaged, from generations, in the art of making stunningly beautiful masks. Shot at Sutarpada, a place located between western states borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The number of people associated with the traditional art is thinning by the day and the inevitable end is staring the art right in the eyes.. The sparks of the art captured on camera in the form of various art fully prepared masks expressing range of expressions, leaves one spellbound by its sheer strength of beauty and scale.

For Kukanas, these masks are their way of offering their reverence to their gods and heroes.The in-fighting in the tribal community took its toll on the art and pushing it on the brink of oblivion. The journey of this inimitable art moves one with its striking beauty and scale leaving one feeling moved at the inevitable fate of oblivion it awaits.