“Primitivism” in 20th century art: affinity of the tribal and the modern, Volume 1 2 William Stanley Rubin MUSEUM OF MODERN ART NEW YORK

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“Primitivism” in 20th century art: affinity of the tribal and the modern, Volume 1 2




William Stanley Rubin



Paul Gauguin (Author), Ezio Bassani (Author), Christian Feest (Author), Sidney Geist (Author), Donald Gordon (Author), 

Jean Laude (Author), Gail Levin (Author), Jean-Louis Paudrat (Author), Philippe Peltier (Author), Laura Rosenstock (Author),

Alan Wilkinson (Author), Evan Maurer (Author), Richard Oldenburg (Author), Jack Flam (Author), Rosalind Krauss (Author), 

William Rubin (Editor), Constantin Brancusi (Author), Jacques Lipchitz (Author), Amadeo Modigliani (Author), 

Henri Moore (Author), Alberto Giacometti (Author), Paul Klee (Author), Pablo Picasso (Author), Kirk Varnedoe (Contributor), 

Richard E. Oldenburg (Author)


Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.), Detroit Institute of Arts, Dallas Museum of Art

Curator William Stanley Rubin, Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)


Museum of Modern Art, 1984



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