Middle Hills mask. Middle Hills mask.Himlayan primitive grimanche male mask. Nepalese male mask. ETHNOFLORENCE COLLECTION AND PHOTO ARCHIVE.

Himalayan primitive grimanche male mask. Hard natural patinated  red-dark wood. Trace of natural colors pigments between the teeth.


Himalayan grimanche male mask frontal view.


Frontal view detail.


Frontal view detail.


Frontal view detail.


Side A view .


Side A view detail.


Side B view.


Side B view detail.


Back side view. The style of the mask is ‘cut’ following the nature and knots of the wood.


Back side view detail.

The grimanche style of this mask is comparable with the  analogus expression of a small votive (?) Himalayan sculpture.


Side and frontal view.


Frontal view detail.


Side A view detail.


Frontal view detail.


Side B view detail.



Frintal view detail.

Ethnoflorence has edited four Western Himalayan (?) masks, in the same style, from the same hand or workship, surely from the same remote and unknown village, in which is common the grimanche style of the mouth, 


Comparative mask n1.


Comparative mask n2.


Comparative mask n3.


Comparative mask n4.

The mask n4, the more complex from an iconographic view point has a double ambiguos  expression of the mouth, a detail really interesting and rarely seen in other masks of the region.

 If the actor covers the upper part of the mouth obtains a ridicolous expression with two deformed teeth (we can re-find this kind of exagerate phisic  deformation in many masks of the Terai region).

But if the actor covers the lower part of the mouth, the mask becomes terryfing with it’s aggressive teeth. 

This second expression of the teeth is common also with the other three masks of the group in which we can find only one kind of  aggressive expression.

About the theory that some of the so called “tribal” or “primitive” masks of the Himalaya could be represent something of symbolic and atypic, about the “narrateur bouffon”, a kind of  mask that can makes one laugh, but also make one scared, on : Himalaya masques” Galerie Le Toit du Monde Paris, Editions Findakly 2007, there is an interesting writing “Travestissements A propos des masques dits – primitifs-” by Ms Gisèle Krauskopff.

 Among the masks edited  in this catalogue also the n.64 pag.108 is in my opinion an ambigous mask with a double expression of the mouth. Wrathful expression in the above part of the mouth and a long tongue in the belower.

Another interesting male grimanche primitive mask is edited by Ethnoflorence in the same web  page.


Comparative mask n.5 . 

The grimanche style of the mouth is present also in an interesting mask of the South Nepal 


Comparative mask n6.

 The ritual (?) items on the left side of the mask are the same present in a “Coiffe de chaman” of the Musée de la Castree collection of Cannes (N. inv. 991.19.1), and edited  on “Voyages immobiles, trente ans d’acquisitions d’art primitif du Musée de la Castre” pag. 60.