6 MAHARASHTRA area artifacts used for the ritual SEEDING of the fields.

7   MAHARASHTRA  artifacts used for the ritual SEEDING of the fields. (WORK IN PROGRESS)


N1 side A. Observed laterally this artifact it’s introduced like a kind of  capitello, four are the carved sides, the  iconography, for how much I  have been able to observe in these years is always the same one. In the side under view  is represented a couple,  the man is seeding the land.


Trough this detail we can observe like the man introduces seeds for seeding inside of analogous artifact to that one of  Ethnoflorence Collection. This iconography is similar in all the artifact ones that I have been able to observe.

N1 Side A view.
Immagine 004
N1 side A view detail.

N1 Side B. On two of four sides of the artifact is always represented a Nandi.

Immagine 011


N1 Side C.

Immagine 012


N1 Side C detail view.

Immagine 009


N1 Side D. In the Fourth side is always carved the figure of  Ganesh.

Immagine 001


 N1 Top view.

Immagine 002


N1 Base view.

 Immagine 019N2

Side A view. Also here we find a couple in the action to seed, but  the style of the carving is here much primitive regarding that one of the N1.

 Immagine 021

 N2 Side A view.

Immagine 020

N2 Side A detail view.



Immagine 007

N2 Side B view.

Immagine 008

N2 Side B view detail.

Immagine 005

N2 Side C view.

Immagine 006

N2 Side C original restauration detail view.

Immagine 003

N2 Side C view.

Immagine 004

N2 Side C detail view.

Immagine 001

N2 Top view and original restauration view.

Immagine 002

N2 Base view.

Immagine 014

N3 Side A view.

Immagine 015

N3 Side A view detail.

Immagine 016

N3 Side B view.

Immagine 013

N3 Side C view.

Immagine 011

N3 Side D view.

Immagine 012

N3 Side D detail view.

Immagine 009

N3 Top side view.

Immagine 010

N3 Base view.

Immagine 022

N4 Side A view.

Immagine 023

N4 Side A view detail.

Immagine 021

N4 Side B view.

Immagine 024

N4 Side C view.

Immagine 020

N4 Side D view.

Immagine 017

N4 Top view.

Immagine 019

N4 Base view.



N5 Side A view (N5 Courtesy Paolo Buzzatti Florence-Italy)


N5 Side B.


N5 Side C view.




N5 Side D view.


N5 Top side view.


N.6 Side A view. Ex Amedeo Valbonesi Collection  this item was collected during the mid 80’s. Actually Ethnoflorence Collection.


Side A detail view.


Side B view


Side C view. Original restautarion.


Side C restauration detail view.


Side D  view. The Ganesh style of this item has a very important style.


Side D detail view.


N7 side A view.


Side A view detail.


Side B view.


Side C view.


Side D view.


Side D view detail.


Base view.


Top side view.

ggg 004

N8 Follow Views of the sides top and base.

ggg 005


ggg 006

  ggg 007

ggg 008