Himalayan crowned mask. Nepalese or Indian Terai





(Inventory no.24)


Himalayan crowned male mask. Terai. Masque couronnè de l’Himalaya. Terai. Mannliche gekronte Himalajamaske. Mascara del Himalaya coronada.  Гималайская коронованная маска мужского пола. ヒマラヤ戴冠させた男性のマスク。 terai区域ネパール . Maschera maschile coronata della regione himalayana, Terai.  

Interesting the plastic iconography of this imposing crowned mask. Traces of color on natural patinated wood. This mask testifyes how much rich and various can be the iconographic repertoire of the Terai area. 

Among the Ethnoflorence collection of   himalayan crowned  mask I suggest a visit to an understanding black kali crying mask, something of really unique and  similar to a Fang reliquary, see more on http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/post/5844563/himalayan-crowned-kali-mask .

 Complitely different the style of a crowned male  mask of King or Hero from Himachal Pradesh, see more on http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/post/5887534/himachal-pradesh-male-crowned-mask-of-king-or .

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 Himalayan crowned mask. Nepalese or Indian Terai.Interesting, and very used  crowned mask of the Terai region . The mask has been repainted and introduces an interesting original restauration.The circumstance that the restauration was also repainted, it makes us think that this mask, despite an evident damage, it was still used. Particular importance of the mask for its ethnic group of origin? Impossibility to replace it? Examining the top of the mask we can also notice an impressive state of deterioration of the wood. Also the back side of the mask introduces a strong state of usury of the wood. In my opinion a kali mask.


IMG_1780 - Copy.JPG


A fracture on the side of the mask was covered with fabric and repainted along with the rest of the mask.




Unusual but really interesting the crowned mask edited on http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/post/5848801/southern-nepal-male-crowned-mask .


Side A 3/4 detail view.


An Iconographic comparation in possible with other Kali masks of Ethnoflorence Collection,  interesting and unique is the ancient black crying Kali mask on :
http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/post/5844563/himalayan-crowned-kali-mask , the patina of this mask is analogous to that of the Fang reliquary.

3 Kali masks are edit also on http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/post/5977909/different-hands-same-subject–3-himalayan-kal .

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Photo of the mask from our old archive.



 Frontal view of the mask.


Frontal view detail. Important patina of the mask.


Side view detail.


Rastouration detail view. The  lacking part of the mask was restored covering it with a piece of cloth, attacked  to the wood with nails, and therefore
repainted with purple color and gold spots.


Top side view.


Back side view. Exceptional state of usura and patina.




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